Saturday, May 15, 2010

15mm Historical Crusades blog and what's next with LOTR

For anyone interested in historical miniatures, as an addition to my miniatures gaming hobby, I am collecting First Crusades era 15mm miniatures armies and designing historical scenarios, at my other blog:

My first scenario is about the first real battle, the Siege of Nicaea, including table-top layout map and forces that can be used to portray the battle. I'll also be writing up about miniatures painting as I collect historical armies, and talking about my scenery building projects, with photos.

I'll be alternating now between doing historical and fantasy things, while battling it out with my brother's dwarves and goblins as well, and the occassional historical battle once I get starter armies in a playable state.

As for LOTR miniatures, I am planning in a couple weeks to get another box of Warriors of Harad, and another box of Haradrim Raiders, so I will be able to field more cavalry, more warriors, and also to make some more Spirits of the Haradrim (see older posts about them if interested).

Here's a photo of one of Nicaea's round-towers at 15mm scale, compared with one of the 28mm scale Haradrim towers I printed out last week. The stonework on the 15mm tower was taken from a photo of a wall in Jerusalem's Old City area, for added authenticity to the region :)

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