Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paul's Lord of the Rings Miniatures Blog

I've been collecting LOTR minis, and playing games with my brother. He owns a Games Workshop Realms of Battle Board, and has a blog chronicling his board, his painting, and battle reports of our matches, at this address:

On my blog, I'll be showing photos of my miniatures and scenery that I do, and perhaps some battle reports of solitaire matches I have once I do up my Rohan/Minas Tirith/Gondor good guy army. At the moment, I play with the Haradrim, so most of the photos will be of them for now.

To get things started, here's some shots of my Suladan, on foot, and mounted! I'm no expert painter, and am just trying to make them look good for playing with them, so most of my miniatures don't look amazing up close, but are great for looking at when standing around a table. Even so, I like how my Suladan turned out :)

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