Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new scenery!

Today I got one of the citedal/games workshop Battlemats - a thick, grassy surface cloth that spreads over the table to make a battlefield. It feels really nice, and has protective backing too. I also got tree templates and trees to make forests, and ruined turrets/walls to make a ruined castle :)

I also finally got a Mumak for my Harad army, so I'll take photos as I progress with that, then post a 'making a mumak' series here in my blog to show me putting it together and painting it. At the moment I am working hard on its base.

I also got The Betrayer, one of the nasty Nazgul, who hails from Harad lands, which I will paint in the next few days (still have 3 watchers of karna to paint first!).

Anyway, here's some new terrain photos!

1 comment:

  1. These are some good miniatures! I like how you have the contrasting white outline on the watchers' robes. Where did you get the ruined castle scenery from?