Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

mumak : another view

no tusks yet, no howdah, just thought I'd show it more side on, with the head!

mumak : a head but no tusks yet

I'm still reading up on ways to do the tusks, and the toenails, but I've done most of the details on the head now as well, and attached it to the body! I opted for a simple black and red warpaint scheme 'highlighting' the eyes and trunk.

both sides of body painted, and scale shots

Thought I'd post some shots showing how BIG the Mumak is compared to the people!

Towering over the tree tops!

Boromir has it's head mounted on his castle wall back home :)

Working on the Mumak body

More Mumak!
Step 1: I've drybrushed the skin in medium gray, then highlighted it with more drybrushing in a lighter gray.

Step 2: painting the ropes

step 3: painting the wood

step 4: painting the cloth

More to come!

wash coat on mumak

I've applied a pretty wet black wash over the mumak and its head, to bring out all the creases and skin folds. Once it dries, I'll work on touching it up, then drybrushing various greys and highlights onto the skin.

working on the Mumak base

I got the War Mumak for my Harad army yesterday - the giant elephant with platforms on its back for Harad soldiers. I didn't like all the flat rohan soldiers and horses on the base of it, so I sculpted Green Stuff onto the base, covering them up but leaving shields and weapons on the ground, and made hilly mounds. I painted some of them grey for rocks/boulders, and covered other ones with grass. Anyway, here's the progress so far: (The Mumak is not glued to the base, I've just balanced it on top to see what it looks like so far)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new scenery!

Today I got one of the citedal/games workshop Battlemats - a thick, grassy surface cloth that spreads over the table to make a battlefield. It feels really nice, and has protective backing too. I also got tree templates and trees to make forests, and ruined turrets/walls to make a ruined castle :)

I also finally got a Mumak for my Harad army, so I'll take photos as I progress with that, then post a 'making a mumak' series here in my blog to show me putting it together and painting it. At the moment I am working hard on its base.

I also got The Betrayer, one of the nasty Nazgul, who hails from Harad lands, which I will paint in the next few days (still have 3 watchers of karna to paint first!).

Anyway, here's some new terrain photos!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

upgrading the paint level of my miniatures!

Usually when I paint, I'm just thinking, slap some colour on so I can play already! However, I've started learning some new painting techniques, to try and improve the look of my miniatures, and I'm very happy with how they are turning out! I've gone over some of my minis, and done some new ones as well.

Feel free to compare the new paint jobs with the old ones in the images down below in previous posts! I'm not 'award winning display quality' yet, but it's a definite improvement in my painting!

I spent the most time working on Suladan, and on Boromir, both horse and foot. Boromir is the most recent one I did, and I'm really, really happy with how his minis turned out, so I'll show them first!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

and more! My Serpent Horde Army

with four unpainted Watchers of Karna on the sides.

Suladan on horse
Hasharin (assassin)
Raider (horseman) with banner
2 Raiders with war spears
3 Raiders with bows
9 spearmen
8 archers

And soon:
More archers and spearmen, with a War Mumak (giant elephant!) to make my 951 point army with 50% bows!

more harad forces!

Paul's Lord of the Rings Miniatures Blog

I've been collecting LOTR minis, and playing games with my brother. He owns a Games Workshop Realms of Battle Board, and has a blog chronicling his board, his painting, and battle reports of our matches, at this address:

On my blog, I'll be showing photos of my miniatures and scenery that I do, and perhaps some battle reports of solitaire matches I have once I do up my Rohan/Minas Tirith/Gondor good guy army. At the moment, I play with the Haradrim, so most of the photos will be of them for now.

To get things started, here's some shots of my Suladan, on foot, and mounted! I'm no expert painter, and am just trying to make them look good for playing with them, so most of my miniatures don't look amazing up close, but are great for looking at when standing around a table. Even so, I like how my Suladan turned out :)